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Are You Suffering from any of followings....

All of the followings and more are reasons to see us....

Muscular or joint pain?

Pain or limited movement following surgery?

An accident or an injury?

Back or neck pain or suffer from headache?

Is a cardiac condition hindering you from performing your normal activities of daily living?

Are you suffering from arthritis?

Do you experience difficulty moving as a result of a stroke, Parkinson's disease or another condition?

Have you lost strength and balance as a result of aging?  

Post-fracture rehabilitation
Post-operative rehabilitation
Posture correction
Tingling or numbness
Arthritic complaints?
Ergonomic consulting
Injury prevention
Joint injuries
Motor vehicle accident rehabilitation
Musculoskeletal conditions
Neck pain and headaches
Back problems?

Decreased flexibility may be the result of aging, illness, injury, post-surgery, a chronic physical condition or being overweight. Physiotherapy can help you regain or improve your flexibility.Physiotherapists use their manual skills including joint mobilisation, they prescribe therapeutic exercises, and they use physical agent modalities such as Shockwave therapy, Interferential therapy , laser, ultrasound therapy to treat a variety of conditions and to help individuals restore or attain normal functional movement.

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