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Working with you for complete recovery


Following an injury, many surgeries will only take place once an injury has gained some muscle strength. We will work closely with you to get you as mobile as possible following an injury and can refer you to our fantastic network of orthopedic surgeons, sports specialists, radiologists and other health professionals. Working in conjunction with their specialist advice, we can build on your strength prior to surgery so that you can have the best results once your post-operative rehabilitation begins.


We treat a wide variety of people following surgery to their shoulders, knee and ankle reconstructions, rotator cuff and labral repairs, hip and knee replacements, hip and knee arthroscopy, Achilles tendon repairs and fractures that have needed surgery. It is common to be somewhat apprehensive following surgery as to whether you are progressing well or if you are over doing it and putting undue pressure on your recovering body. Our physiotherapists will guide you through your rehabilitation process, monitor your progress and help you to understand your limitations.

Muscles surrounding the operation site can often become tight post-surgery which can lead to a build up of scar tissue and joint stiffness. We use our expert hands to decrease your muscle spasm, break down the scar tissue to allow it to move freely and mobilise your joints. We are experts at prescribing exercise programmes that will aid you in regaining your mobility, flexibility, strength and movement so you can return to all the activities you enjoy doing.

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