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We are a professional pain management center with qualified expert for treatment, under the supervision of Dr. Deepti Somani.

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  • (Most Advanced) Shockwave therapy
  • Manual therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Women's Health 
  • Exercise prescription
  • Biomechanical correction
  • Diet management and planning
  • Rehabilitation


Type of injury : Diffuse Axonal Injury
Feedback : I got this injury due to an accident. I was in coma for around 45 days. When I woke up then I come in contact of Dr. Deepti Somani. She personally healed me accordingly to my performance records. Dr. Deepti is one of the most dedicated and caring doctor I have come across. She personally attends all patients. She is not just a doctor but she is a healer.

Siddhant Bararia

Feedback : My relationship with Dr Deepti is almost a decade old. This doctor-patient relationship has turned into something deeper over the years because Dr Deepti is such a good soul. She is the most dedicated and hardworking doctor I have come across.She takes personal care of her patients with a smile on her lips I would call her a “DOCTOR WITH A MAGIC TOUCH.”

Vaishali aggarwal
Business Entrepreneur

Type of injury : Acute Lower back pain and Ligament Rupture in foot
Feedback : I had an acute lower back pain episode, which left me bedridden for almost 2 weeks. I was in severe pain and unable to move. Dr.Deepti's treatment, with her personalized attention and thorough approach, got me back on my feet very quickly.Her expert diagnosis and treatment of my ruptured ligament, saved me a lot of trouble and time from going to different doctors. I have made a very speedy recovery.She is a true healer, and one of the most patient and thorough physicians I have met.

Paridhi Gupta
Fashion Designer

Type of injury: Anterior cruciate ligament break
Feedback: I got this injury due to a road accident.I got an injury in my right knee when I fall down from my scooter. My MRI report showed ACL tear and all doctors suggested ligament surgery.After listening to other doctors I started feeling sad that I won't be able to play my favourite sports. Then after few days I came in contact with Dr. Deepti Somani she personally healed me and gave a number of therapies. Her treatment was painless. She is one of the most dedicated doctor and a helping nature.She is one of the best doctors I have come across. She personally attends all the patients. Now I can play sports, do gymming and all other physical activities. All because of Dr. Deepti Somani

Shivam Agrawal

Feedback:After breaking my femur bone, getting a rod in it and then a knee surgery as well i wasn’t just in a lot of pain but also I though it would be time consuming for me to get back to work and my normal routine. And I was in not sure if I will be able to fly again. I was taking 8 painkillers a day and still pain was not subsiding. And my knee was not bending even to 20 degree.
After 2 months of my surgery I meet Dr.Somani. not only did she make it speedy recovery but also a pain free one. I got my knee range back with total strength in my lower limb muscles. Her personal attention and dedication is commendable. Now I can do all my functional activities.
I highly recommend her!!
Thanks Dr. Somani !

Kshitij Bhatia


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